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Invitation for ICoME 2020

You are cordially invited to ICoME 2020 (International Conference for Media in Education). ICoME 2020 occurs as the 18th joint conference supported by the four prominent academic societies specialized in Media use in Education: Japan Association for Educational Media Study (JAEMS), the Korean Association for Educational Information and Media (KAEIM), China Association for Educational Technology (CAET) and Teaching, Colleges and Community (TCC).

During ICoME 2020, we will explore the ways to strengthen international connections under the theme of “Diversity Education in ICT advanced society“

Diversity in Education has appeared as an increasingly pressing topic since ICT was adopted at schools. The classrooms face the world through the Internet, and students can now readily connect to people throughout the world and thus interact more closely with people from different cultures.

In addition, ICT allows students to become designers, creators, journalists, community developers, programmers, and data analysts. They are thus able to extend their diverse talents utilizing a variety of ICT tools. We, as educators, can facilitate students’ realization of their talents through different kinds of ICT.

Amidst these developments, it is essential for students to have an understanding and appreciation for other cultures. To make the classroom more culturally diverse, we need to cultivate awareness about other learners, peers and community members. Through collective efforts, we need to enable greater interaction with members of other cultures.

Therefore, we would like to invite researchers and educators who study the diversity of ICT enhanced education from around the world. We especially look forward to having a deep discussion and creating more awareness about the possibility of ICT to enhance diversity in Education in Japan!

Makiko, KISHI Ph.D.
The Chair of ICoME 2020 Executive Committee
Associate Professor, Meiji University, JAPAN


Diversity education in ICT advanced society


August, 17th – 19th, 2020.
August, 17th & 18th, 2020.


Konan University (Okamoto campus), Kobe, JAPAN
ICoME2020 will shift  to an online conference