Roundtable Session

Welcome to ICoME Roudtable Session!
We will not be able to actually sit together at a round table this year, but that doesn’t change the importance of the roundtable session at this conference.

To retain the value of this session, we prepare four separate activities. Non-students’ participation and supports are necessary —Please feel free to jump in any part of our “Roundtable Session”.

Time table (August 17th, JST)

(11:30-13:00)(Tutorial: Visit and try Zoom any time you like )
(13:00-13:15)(Opening talk: Check your connection and say hi!)
13:30-15:00Roundtable Session 1: Presentation / Discussion
15:15-16:45Roundtable Session 2: Presentation / Discussion
17:15-17:45Closing Talk: Reflection via talk among presenters
17:45-19:00(max.)Student Night Out: Make friends online

Time table (August 18th, JST)

17:00-18:00Closing Ceremony: Young Scholar Awarding

Young Scholar Award

Selection process

  1. A rubric for fair evaluation was created.
  2. Two evaluators from the executive committee were assigned to each session.
  3. The results of the evaluation were collected and calculated the score.
  4. The best presentations were selected based on the results.


  • Ke Zhang (Southwest University), Tan Dandan (Southwest University), Xie Tao (Southwest University)
  • Ana Paula Ciriaco Camargo (Tampere University of Applied Sciences)
  • Kukhyeon Kim (Chonnam National University), Chaeyeon Kim (Chonnam National University), Min Cho (Chonnam National University), Jeeheon Ryu, (Chonnam National University)
  • Kanna Horita (Meiji University), Kusumoto Kosei (Meiji University), Hashimoto Rina (Meiji University)
  • Mengqian Wang (Peking University), Wenge Guo (Peking University), Qian Dong (Peking University)
  • Yeojin Oh (Hanyang University), Juyeong Yeom (Hanyang University), Jiyeon Jung (Hanyang University), Milee Ahn (Hanyang University)
  • Juanting Xu (Kansai University), Haruo Kurokami (Kansai University)
  • Shoko Tange (University of the Sacred Heart)
  • Wataru Shibata (Meiji University), Satoshi Kawashima (Meiji University), Tammy Asakura (Meiji University)
  • Daichi Taketaka (Tokyo University of Science), Yuki Watanabe (Tokyo University of Science)
  • Jongchan Park (Hanyang University), Dongsik Kim (Hanyang University)
  • Kyoko Matsuki (Meiji University), Jiwun Jun (Meiji University), Yamada Shunsuke (Meiji University), Terabe Yuho (Meiji University)
  • Eunbyul Yang (Chonnam National University), Sungmin Lim (Chonnam National University), Museok Jeong (Chonnam National University)
  • ZhiJun Xu(South China Normal University)
  • Akihiro Onishi(Nihon Fukushi University)
  • Naikun Huang(South China Normal University)


  • Dan Lu (Northeast Normal University, CHINA)
  • Ryota Yamamoto (The University of Tokyo, JAPAN)
  • Shanyun Kuang (South China Normal University, CHINA)
  • Insung Jung (International Christian University, JAPAN)
  • Yinghui Shi (Central China Normal University, CHINA)
  • Masayuki Murakami (Osaka University, JAPAN)
  • Jue Wang (Northeast Normal University, CHINA)
  • Curtis Ho (University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA)
  • Jeeheon Ryu (Chonnam National University, KOREA)
  • Mihoko Chiba (Konan University, JAPAN)
  • Jianhua Zhao (Southern University of Science and Technology, CHINA)
  • Takayuki Konno (Meisei University, JAPAN)
  • Miaoting Chen (Shenzhen University, CHINA)
  • Xiaohong Zhang (Kumamoto University, JAPAN)
  • Xiaoli Zheng (Wenzhou University, CHINA)
  • Bert Kimura (University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA)
  • Hoseung Byun (Chungbuk National University, KOREA)
  • Masayuki Kudo (Fuji Women’s University, JAPAN)
  • Kitty Hino (University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA)
  • Wenguang Li (Shenzhen University, CHINA)


At each room, facilitators will
. -Introduce themselves and check all presenters’ name
. -Manage session time (14 min. per presentation including QA)
. -Encourage discussion
. -Help solving technological issues
If you have any trouble, talk to facilitators via chat.

The main session is supported by student facilitators. Many thanks to;
Ryo Harada / Yosuke Yamamoto / Kyoko Matsuki / Yohei Iwai / Rina Okazaki / Daisuke Sato / Jiwun Jun / Keiju Suzuki / Misuzu Uchida / Elle Nakamura / Youxin Zhang / Naomi Rombaoa Tanaka /Ken Kiyohara


We prepared the Young Scholar Award standard rubric.
Evaluators (two researchers per session) scores all presentation referring this.

Please also check the presentation page for detailed information for presenters.
See you at the session!