Casual Café Talk

In the morning before the serious sessions, why don’t we have a little break with your global peers while having tea or coffee?

We extend a special invitation to all participants to join in the informal talk session scheduled on the morning of the 18th (10:00 – 11:00). We would like to set up a time slot for casual talks so that we can frankly discuss our recent experiences related to COVID 19. This virtual cafe can be a great place for getting to know someone with the same view or difficulty and /or an opportunity for those who are looking for international connections.

The café has four separate rooms with a coordinator according to your interests. You may choose one, or you can jump around to join in the other discussions. All you need is to bring your beverages and a topic to share with your peers!

Topics and Coordinators

  1. The present educational conditions under the Coronavirus pandemic in your countries
    Coordinator: Mr. Gibran Garcia, Ph.D.  (Mexico)
  1. New research seeds for in/post coronavirus pandemic
    Coordinator: Ms. Shari Yamamoto (U.S.A.)
  1. Business opportunities in and after the Coronavirus pandemic
    Coordinator: Ms. Jenni Fajardo  (Philippines)  & Ms. Lan Yan (China)
  1. Changes in the situation for research publications amidst the Coronavirus pandemic
    Coordinator: Mr. Ken Morimoto (Japan)
Shari Yamamoto
(Konan University)
Gibran A. Garcia Mendoza (Toyo University)
Jenni Fajardo
(International Christian University)
Ken Morimoto
(The University of British Columbia)
Lan Yan
(South China Normal University)

10:00 – 10:20Introduction and Getting to Know Each Other
10:20 – 10:50Tea and Informal talk
10:50 – 11:00Summary and Exchanging Contacts